We’re recruiting!

Join our AmeriCorps crew!

Summer Conservation Crew

Receive training and experience to provide active land management on lands protected by Bur Oak or through its fee-for-service projects.

  • Learn to safely operate chainsaws
  • Remove invasive species
  • Conduct plant and animal surveys
  • Restore prairie, wetland, woodland and oak savanna
  • Opportunities to serve subsequent terms may be available

Eco Crew

Collect and compile data on plant and animal species through onsite surveys to create baseline documentation for land management plans.

  • Work with experts to develop protocols
  • Conduct field surveys
  • Opportunities to participate in prescribed fire and other stewardship training

Mapping Crew

Use drones, GPS, and GIS technology to create property maps, photograph properties for monitoring purposes, and collect map data for land management plans.

  • Fly drone mapping missions
  • Input the data into orthophotography and GIS software
  • Maintain the drone and GPS equipment

1 thought on “We’re recruiting!”

  1. It’s really not right that you would force those who want to get involved to be Vaccinated, and boosted with a shot that does Not Prevent the spread, nor infection of Covid 19. I, as many others who choose not to receive a shot that was rushed through emergency measures have Natural immunity from Natural Infection which is superior to the vaccine.
    I feel I have a lot to offer, as well as learn from an opportunity like this… I hope this policy changes soon as science now indicated that whether vaccinated or not, everyone will get Omicrin at some point.

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